Are you keen on giving something special and unique for your kid’s birthday? If the answer is yes, then you should try and present him a bouncy house. They are inflatable plastic houses and they come in different sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and dimensions. It will most certainly take your kids’ birthday party to a completely new level. For many parents, buying a bounce house is considered good and they look at it from an investment perspective.

But many parents find it better to hire these bouncy houses because of some obvious benefits and advantages. With so many options and choices being available, hiring the right bounce houses could be a challenge. There is a need to have a reasonably good understanding about the rentals that are prevalent in the market as far as these bounce houses are concerned.

Why Renting Could Be A Better Option

While a few parents do not mind investing in bounce houses and buy them for their children, not many can afford the same. Hence, they would rather have them rented. f you look around and do your research, you will be easily able to come across dozens of brick and mortar and online outlets who are ready to offer inflatable bounce houses for rent.

Renting has its own advantages. To begin with you will not have to block your investment for an item that might not be used till the next birthday or for any such event. Secondly, renting these bounce houses will ensure that you get the latest models and designs for your children. Once the purpose is over, the bounce houses can be given back to those who are renting it. This way you will not be blocking precious space in your home. You will also be free the maintenance and other such issues when you decide to by these bounce houses. Given the above facts it makes lot of sense to get the right answer to the question of how much are bounce house rentals.

The Rental Costs

The rental costs for bounce houses vary depending on certain variables. The size of the bounce house, the period for which they will be used, the transportation cost, the kind of wear and tear it will be subjected to determine the rental charges. However, roughly the rentals could be anywhere from $100 to $500. There could be a few larger sized inflatable bounce houses that could cost even as far as rental charges are concerned. If you want to bounce houses for around six hours, you may just have to spend around $100 at the most.

On the other hand if you are planning an elaborate and full-fledged slide-and-castle bounce house, you may have to spend around $500 a day. There could also be other expenses such as transporting the bounce houses from and to your home and also taking permission. Many local authorities insist on a permission to set up these bounce houses in your homes. This is done to ensure complete safety of those who use it and perhaps even for the homes of the neighbors.

You also could decide between dry and wet rental. There are wet bounce houses that could have water flowing in and out and your children would love it. This might cost a bit more.

Get Started Early In The Day

You should research on the entire process and should get started early in the day. As mentioned above, you could either hire it online or could visit brick and mortar stores in your neighborhood. Researching and then hiring the bounce houses could always be a better option because it will give you many options, both in terms of costs and choices. You will be able to present to your child the best as far as sizes, designs, colors and other attributes are concerned. There are many packages to choose from and therefore you need time to find out the best option.